About the Collaborative

The Boulder County EE Collaborative is a working group that consists of representatives from most informal environmental education (EE) providers that serve youth in Boulder County schools. The Collaborative was first established when Thorne Nature Experience (Thorne) convened six of Boulder County’s largest informal environmental education providers and representatives from Boulder Valley (BVSD) and St. Vrain Valley (SVVSD) School Districts, and the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) in the Spring of 2012 to discuss how collectively they could support the development of environmentally literate graduates in Boulder County. Together, the nine organizations established a common goal that members of the Collaborative could work towards together, and that most organizations were already independently helping to achieve through their existing programming.


Boulder County EE Collaborative Goal:

Ensure a continuum of environmental education and service learning opportunities with multiple contacts for preschool through high school for Boulder County youth

In the Fall of 2012, additional informal EE providers were invited to join the Collaborative and an expanded group of individuals representing more than 25 organizations that provide EE programs in Boulder County affirmed the Collaborative’s goal. In partnership with the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE), Thorne and the two school districts have maintained the Boulder County EE Collaborative by hosting bi-annual meetings where all informal Boulder County EE providers can gather and discuss their programs and the potential for collaborations to achieve the Collaborative’s goal. In addition, a Steering Committee for the Collaborative was formed and meets three to four times a year. The Steering Committee consists of representatives from CAEE, Thorne, SVVSD, BVSD, and representatives from some of the larger informal EE providers in Boulder County, including Cal-Wood Environmental Education Center (Cal-Wood), Eco-Cycle, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), Boulder County Parks and Open Space, and the Keep it Clean Partnership.

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