2014 Report Card

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The State of Informal Environmental Education in Boulder County Schools Report (Report) is designed to communicate the findings of the Boulder County Informal EE Assessment- a study completed in 2013 to determine the quantity of environmental education (EE) delivered to Boulder County schools by informal EE providers.

The Report highlights the total impact of informal EE in Boulder County schools and compares the amount of informal EE delivered across districts, schools, and grades as well as the informal EE provided to various demographics including low income and students of color. Furthermore, the Report looks at the topics and standards that are being taught by informal EE providers. The Report is not intended to be a call for action, but rather to provide the data that will help informal EE providers determine strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and overlaps of the collective EE efforts within Boulder County and provide a starting point for discussions on how to collaborate to further enhance and expand EE in Boulder County schools. It is the intention of the Boulder County EE collaborative to undertake a new Assessment every two to three years to assess progress made towards its goal and additional opportunities to further expand informal EE in Boulder County.

Report written by Thorne Nature Experience as of May 22, 2014.

For more information on the Collaborative, Assessment or Report, contact Erin Saunders at erin@thornenature.org or 303-499-3647 ext 101
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